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What Is Webvizio?

Webvizio lets you collaborate on the revisions to your website using tools that allow you to give feedback that is actionable directly across many websites.

You can add reviews to your team’s website live from your computer or mobile device.

Control project tasks and monitor the progress of your team.

Webvizio Lifetime deal

Who Uses Webvizio?

Web agencies Web designers, developers, QA teams, UI UX creators, content writers team, marketing teams, product teams freelancers, project managers and digital agencies seeking to enhance reviews of their website projects.

Webvizio Lifetime deal


  • With Webvizio, you are able to comment on any live project from your desktop.
  • URL-based projects let users create an exact version of their website on the platform, and also add tasks to any element of the interface.
  • It is possible to post comments about design, text or typos directly on this website and save all of edits from your team in one location.
  • You can select between two editing modes in order to read your comments, or to access the website’s original page without confusion.
  • Select task mode to connect tasks to the assigned users description, priorities so that your team members know exactly what they must do.
  • You can also switch to Browse mode to see the website page without markings so that you and your team members can look over the initial version at any time.
  • Webvizio lets you create unlimited multi-page websites in the same account in order to work with the whole team.
  • Invite your team members, freelancers and customers to provide comments on particular projects by joining your account.
  • You can also assign roles to users, like project manager, supervisor, observer, and guest. Reps can also get an overview of all the team’s progress and tasks.
  • Webvizio has support for Trello and is planning integrations for integration with ClickUp, Asana, and Jira. This means that you can control your team’s feedback as well as increase productivity by utilizing a central platform.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to handle all tasks by using built-in dashboards for your project including productivity reports, as well as activity logs.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive instant notifications about your team’s progress by email or via the platform’s notifications menu.
  • This allows you to keep track of your team’s progress on every project from bug fixes to modifications to copies or redesign updates.
Webvizio Lifetime deal

Features At A Glance:

  • Unlimited manager seats
  • Unlimited tasks, comments and suggestions on the site and pictures
  • Work on multiple tabs
  • Assignment of tasks and management
  • Task reports
  • Activity logs for projects
  • Change history of 160 days on images
  • Attach files to comments and tasks (up up to 25MB size file)
  • Integrates with Trello
  • Multiple accounts can be managed from just one screen (workspaces)
  • Status reports on projects (.xls)

Webvizio Pricing Plan

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