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What is Marcom Robot?

Marcom Robot can be used Marcom Robot to quickly and effortlessly create high-converting landing pages at a scale, run A/B tests and then evaluate the results to improve the ROI (ROI).

Style guides can speed up the process of designing and ensure the same branding across all sites.

Apart from developing a standard color palette as well as a font library you can also create registration forms that permit your staff to gain access to the customer information that is collected on every page.

When the style guides are completed the design templates will appear on your Marcom Robot page builder without any further actions.

You could quickly and effectively perform A/B tests to examine important performance indicators and improve the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

There is the option to alter variables like the duration of tests and split of traffic within Marcom Robot, ensuring that you will get the results you desire.

You could even design your own unique URL for each trial, and the system will divide the traffic to ensure that you don’t have information from multiple tests mixed.

Check the number of views visitors, views, and conversion rates of several tests to determine the pages that are performing extremely well.

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Marcom Robot Features

With a drag-and drop builder make your landing page by combining your fonts, colours and forms that match your branding.

Let’s take a take a look at some features below.

  • Landing page creation

Instead of providing you with a set template landing pages we collaborate together to design an effective landing page system which includes common forms, branding and building blocks making it possible to build landing pages on a large scale, while reducing the time spent on administrative work and time.

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  • Landing Page A/B Testing

Utilizing Landing Page Robot, you can easily run tests on landing pages within a matter of minutes, observe their results in real-time and then analyze the data to identify successful designs and methods.

  • Landing Page Analytics

Are there any measures that digital marketers should be using to evaluate the efficacy on their websites?

This article will provide the most important metrics you must monitor and measure continuously to improve the performance of your landing page.

These insights can help you create highly-converting landing pages and expand your lead generation operations.

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  • Free Landing Page Builder

Marcom’s Landing Page Builder makes a great option for marketers who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use free landing page builders to design high-converting landing page.

  • Landing Page Audit

Does it make sense to conduct an audit of your landing page to improve rates of conversion for your landing page?

For a quick overview of the aspects of landing pages you might want to consider in your next audit, you can review our checklist for auditing landing pages below.

This free checklist is designed to help people in the field of digital marketing looking for ways to increase their lead generation strategies and generate more leads using the same amount of advertising.

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  • Landing Page Best Practices

Digital marketing teams utilize landing pages to boost the number of leads created through lead generation strategies.

There is a strong positive relationship between the quantity of leads you receive and the amount of landing pages you create to create landing pages.

Your team is following the best guidelines when designing these landing pages however is an essential requirement to this.

In this post we’ll discuss the most efficient strategies and tips for designing landing pages that convert users into customers.

  • Landing Page Tutorial

This lesson on landing pages is designed to dispel the myths associated with landing pages. It will explain the meaning of a landing webpage and how you can make use of the landing page, and what constitutes an effective landing page and the tools you’ll require to create high-converting landing pages massive scale.

  • CRM enrichment

This blog post aims to give a brief overview of CRM enrichment of data that explains what it is and what solutions for data enrichment are available, and which applications of data enrichment are the most crucial to B2B sales and marketing professionals.

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  • Business email verification

You can identify the difference between good and poor leads quickly by confirming email addresses This improves the effectiveness of your sales process as well as enhances the effectiveness of your nurturing and email marketing efforts.

Marcom Robot Lifetime Deal

Marcom Robot Pricing Plan

The three plans of pricing are.

Free, Essential and Professional

Free Plan $0/monthly

  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 500 Visitors per Month
  • 30 Conversions per Month
  • 25 MB Gallery Space
  • 2 Users
  • 1 Domain

Essential Plan $69/monthly

  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 1500 Visitors per Month
  • 500 Conversions per Month
  • 250 MB Gallery Space
  • 5 Users
  • 3 Domain

Professional Plan $69/monthly

  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 3000 Visitors per Month
  • 1000 Conversions per Month
  • 500 MB Gallery Space
  • 10 Users
  • 10 Domain

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Marcom Robot Lifetime Deal