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What Is LoudDoc:

LoudDoc allows you to personalize your marketing material by creating interactive, easily distributed web pages that include audio and video annotations.

Include notes in audio or video to your newsletters, presentations and brochures to create your customer base.

Trust Share documents that have branded links , and track user interaction data in real time.

LoudDoc Lifetime Deal

Who Uses LoudDoc ?

Lead development and demand generation experts who want to boost customer relations by providing trust-building materials


  • LoudDoc lets you annotate any document with videos or audio to enhance its authenticity and make it appealing.
  • Convert any file to LoudDoc and narrate every page directly from your microphone or webcam or upload your existing videos or audio recordings for use with.
  • You can alter the narration on each page. For instance, you can automate play audio comments whenever viewers scroll across the page.
  • It is easy to publish LoudDocs using specific and customized links that function on any device, and provide an easy customer engagement tracking once you’re done.
  • It is possible to invite others to count pages , without having additional accounts, regardless of whether you wish to include stakeholders, team members or even experts.
  • In addition, with the unlimited number of account for teams, you can work together on content and maintain your name on every document.
  • Furthermore, all members of the team is able to assist in creating brochures or presentations through sharing content that is multimedia like videos in order to identify the appropriate person for each segment.
  • While you share and collaborate, you are also able to control access to your LoudDocs that are password-protected and block your LoudDocs from the search engine.
  • Impress your clients by adding an animated animation, customized backgrounds or branding on your presentation.
  • You can also add videos, links and slideshows on your websites for an engaging experience.
  • You can also publish LoudDocs to websites, embeds, and on social media to extend your reach and reach users on your preferred platform.
  • LoudDoc lets you see details of each page’s statistics in custom timelines, ensuring you don’t have to wonder when your presentations will end.

More Features:

  • Make use of real-time interaction tracking for each page to determine the impression you’re creating and then contact us in the right time.
  • It is also possible to connect LoudDoc directly to the account you have with your Google Analytics account to follow the activity across all your pages.
  • The scheduled reports on analytical data through Email will keep key stakeholders as well as colleagues and customers up-to-date.

Features At A Glance:

  • Updates are available at any time.
  • Themes of presentation
  • Edit existing LoudDocs
  • Your domain name and brand
  • 1 minute narration per page
  • Actual-time activity alerts
  • Unlimited collections
  • Real-time feedback button


LoudDoc Pricing Plan

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License Tier 1

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License Tier 2

  • Each of the above features are included
  • 200 LoudDocs in active use (at one time)
  • Capacity of uploading 500MB according to LoudDoc
  • 350 pages in LoudDoc
  • Narratives shared across teams
  • Custom domains for multiple custom domains
  • Safe LoudDocs on intranets
  • For analytics per web page
  • Unlimited team account

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