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What is LicenceOne?

LicenseOne is a complete program management software that lets you easily monitor, manage and improve the performance of your SaaS products.

This makes the management of your software easier than ever before.

You can make use of LicenceOne as an alternative to Blissfully Torii and LeanIX.

Additionally, it is the best choice for solopreneurs, agencies as well as SMBs seeking to stop spending money on inactive SaaS services and account.

LicenceOne allows you to identify SaaS products you use in your business and helps you to avoid unpleasant surprises due to renewal date tracking automatically.

You can even manage employee offboarding processes and you don’t need be concerned about history of subscriptions.

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LicenceOne Features

Utilizing LicenseOne is a basic breakfast of toast and jam. Let’s take a examine how it functions for your account.

Let’s take a review the capabilities of LicenceOne below.

  • Synchronization

LicenceOne lets you access more than 11,000 data sources , such as Google, PayPal, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.

It also places you back in control This helps you stay clear of automatic renewals subscriptions, inactive users, subscriptions and many more.

LicenceOne Lifetime Deal
  • Add and Remove

With LicenceOne the software, you’ll be able to design and run the process of managing users easily.

Additionally, you can control the users’ joining and leaving the company as well as the software they access easily.

  • Collect Invoices

LicenceOne allows you to pay your invoices 3 times faster than previously!

This will keep your accountant satisfied, and they’ll receive all your invoices faster thanks to the autopilot invoice collector. WOW! What a brilliant idea!

LicenceOne Lifetime Deal
  • Data Compliance

It is possible to track compliance with data unlike you’ve ever done!

A variety of software has hundreds of possible datacenters, sub-processors, and cloud can be security risks.

LicenceOne can help you avoid unexpected surprises by keeping track of every detail, providing complete details.

LicenceOne Lifetime Deal

LicenceOne Pricing Plans

Connect your data sources to LicenceOne and have the report on your SaaS products in just 5 minutes.

LicenceOne offers two pricing plans:

Pro and Enterprise.

Pro Plan 100EUR/mo:

  • Unlimited Tracked is a software
  • Unlimited Tracked employees
  • Automatically identify renewal dates automatically.
  • Receive renewal alerts
  • Receive software detection alerts
  • Monitor login activity of users
  • Autopilot invoice collection
  • Employees onboarding
  • Employees are not allowed to board.
  • Autopilot contract cancellation
  • Configure custom software processes
  • up to three Bank integration
  • Google Workspace integration
  • PayPal & Lydia integration
  • Unlimited LicenseOne users
  • Unlimited Teams & budgets
  • Audit logs (Processes only)
  • SSO via Google
  • User roles

Enterprise Plan 500EUR/mo:

  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • Find out where the data is stored.
  • Map the information which employees are able to access
  • The data you provide to the software.
  • Invoice Billing
  • Service-level agreement
  • Account manager dedicated to each account

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LicenceOne Lifetime Deal